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About us

The direct translation of Cantaré is "I Will Sing" and this is the foundation of Festival Cantaré. It is our intention to bring together singers and cultures from across the globe to work together with one purpose:

to put a stop to child hunger, or at the very least, minimize the effect it has.

All money raised by Festival Cantaré, through ticket sales and sponsors, will be put forth to boost the donations to the top children's rights organizations in the world in the most eager attempt to stop child hunger. These are reputable, international organizations who are the leading advocates for child rights across the globe. The target for every event is to raise enough money to feed 1 MILLION children. It is a huge goal, but one we are certain we can accomplish by coming together, working together, and singing together.

All singers invited will be providing great musical entertainment, and our symphony and background singers will provide the perfect accompaniment for them, all to create a beautiful musical evening that will not be forgotten.